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The Complete Berthing Guidelines for Port of Hong Kong
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Chapter Description
Chapter1 (PDF) Contents
Chapter2 (PDF) General
Chapter3 (PDF) Berthing remarks
Chapter4 (PDF) Guidelines on Tug requirements
Chapter5 (PDF) Tugs information
Chapter6 (PDF) Floating Docks Information
Chapter7 (PDF) Berth / Wharf / Terminal information
Chapter8 (PDF) Government mooring buoys
Chapter9 (PDF) Tropical cyclone procedure
Chapter10 (PDF) Miscellaneous
Chapter11 (PDF) List of useful contacts
Chapter12 (PDF) Berthing guidelines : by location code (Index)
Berthing guidelines : by location code
Chapter13 (PDF) Amendment log sheet

To download (PDF) the complete set of Berthing Guidelines

  • The Berthing Guidelines (BGL) provides guidance on the efficient provision of pilotage services.
  • The BGL is a reference for all port users requiring pilotage services. In order to expedite the arrangement of operation involving pilotage, the BGL set out the agreed operational parameters and measures which were endorsed by the Pilotage Advisory Committee (PAC). Owners, operators and agents of ships are encouraged to disseminate relevant information contained in this BGL to their masters of ships.
  • These guidelines are constantly being updated. You are therefore advised to consult them on-line instead of keeping a copy on your own system.
  • Any reproduction of the guidelines in entirety or in part for commercial gains is strictly prohibited.