Engineering crew

The engineering department is responsible for the maintaining all machinery and electrical appliances onboard, as well as ensuring that the vessel has sufficient fuel reserves. The ranks of engineering officers include chief engineers, second engineers and engineering watch keeping officers.

To become a marine engineer officer, one must first complete recognised maritime courses and serve as a cadet in the engineering department to receive in-service training. After completing workshop skills trainings and obtaining sufficient sea time, the cadet may apply for the respective examination for the Certificates of Competency (Marine Engineer Officer) Class 3, and be eligible to serve as an engineering watch keeping officer. With the accumulation of more sea time, the officer may apply for the examinations for the Class 2 and then Class 1 certificates in a gradual manner. Upon obtaining the required certificate, the officer is eligible to serve as a chief engineer.

The charts show the promotion paths for marine engineer officers on board local, river trade and seagoing vessels.

river trade