Procurements of New Vessels of contract value exceeding HK $1.40 million

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The Government New Construction Section of the Marine Department (GNC) is responsible for the procurement of new vessels for various user departments in the Government. In order to enhance the efficiency of vessel procurement, GNC is going to introduce a project management consultancy services with a view to inviting companies of this category to overseeing the project for GNC.

To implement such scheme, GNC will maintain a list of organisation/firm/shipyard which will provide project management consultancy services to GNC. The organisation/firm/shipyard on the list will receive information for invitation of consultancy proposals when necessary. The list serves as a mailing list to facilitate the issue of consultancy proposals invitation.

Consultancy services in new building project management may include preliminary design, contract review, technical specification, tender evaluation, design/drawing appraisal, site supervision and reporting, commissioning, dock and sea trial, delivery of vessel, warranty claim handling etc.

Organisation/firm/shipyard which are interested and are capable of providing such services to the Government are invited to complete the attached form Application Form for Inclusion in the Government New Construction Section Project Management Consultants List (PDF) and return to GNC with the required documents so that their names could be included in the list. Inclusions in the list are free of charge.

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