Government Fleet Information System (GFIS)

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Web Base Quotation System (WBQS) under GFIS


The Web Base Quotation System (WBQS) under GFIS facilitates the electronic quotation processes between the Government Dockyard and Registered Suppliers / Maintenance Services Providers.

Following the successful launch of the WBQS in January 2014, whenever there is a new invitation for quotation addressing to Registered Suppliers / Maintenance Services Providers, a corresponding notifying email will be sent to their registered email accounts. They may follow the link in the email to login the WBQS to retrieve the details of the request for quotation and submit the quotation before the closing date and time. Registered Suppliers and Maintenance Services Providers may also login the WBQS ( regularly to check if there are any outstanding requests.

For enquiry about the WBQS, please contact WBQS Help Desk at 2307 3625 or send email to