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General Information

  1. The Transport and Logistics Bureau launched the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) on 1 April 2014 to support the manpower training of the maritime and aviation industries. One of the initiatives under MATF is the Local Vessel Trade Training Incentive Scheme (the Scheme). Under the Scheme, an eligible applicant may receive incentives of not more than HK$30,000. The Scheme is administered by Marine Department (MD).
  2. The objective of the Scheme is to encourage the new joiners who have completed the approved training courses under the Scheme and are employed in the local vessel trade industry to obtain their first professional qualification as a local coxswain or engine operator by financial incentive. The list of approved training courses was suggested by the tripartite representatives from the government, the industry and training institutes and it will be reviewed as and when necessary. The list is on the website of MD, i.e.

Format and Level of Support

  1. A successful applicant during their employment period will be provided with a monthly incentive of HK$2,500, for 12 months with a total of HK$30,000, in which HK$1,000 of each month will be provided to the applicant who successfully passes the examination and obtains a Local Coxswain / Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate.
  2. The incentive under the Scheme will be provided monthly in equal amount and will be automatically transferred into the successful applicant's bank account as provided in the Application Form monthly.
  3. The monthly incentive will be provided in the first ten working days of each month. It will not be provided if an applicant has not worked for a whole month. An applicant has to inform MD immediately in writing if his/her employment contract is terminated during the period obtaining the incentive. The applicant will no longer be eligible for the Scheme even he/she is employed in the local vessel industry again. (See the Note below)
  4. The HK$1,000 incentive of each month which is yet to be released will be provided in 4 to 6 weeks upon the receipt of written notice from the applicant of his/her successful passing the examination and obtaining of Local Coxswain / Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate.
  5. The incentive will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis until funding for the Scheme has been expended. At the same time, incentives under the Scheme will only be granted to each applicant once.

(Note: For example, if an applicant is eligible for the monthly incentive under the Scheme on the 10th of May 2014, the incentive would start from June and the first release would be in July. If an applicant resigned on the 20th of Oct, the monthly incentive for October would not be given.)

Persons who are Eligible to Apply

    1. The applicant must –
      1. be a resident of the HKSAR and lawfully employable in Hong Kong;
      2. not be in possession of any Local Coxswain / Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate;
      3. be employed as a full-time deck/engine room rating by a company that operates local licensed vessel(s) ("local shipping company") on/after 11 Jan 2014. A list of relevant major local shipping companies has been uploaded to the website of MD
      4. not be employed by any local shipping company on/after 11 Jan 2011 other than his/her existing employer; and
      5. completed an approved training course
    2. To apply for the release of HK$1,000 incentive of each month, an applicant must successfully pass the examination and obtain a Local Coxswain / Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate.
    3. An applicant must not receive double benefits irrespective of the source of funding when they are receiving the incentive under the Scheme, i.e. they should not receive any other form of financial assistance in encouraging employment in any industry or take part in any form of wage subsidy encouragement for acquiring a Local Coxswain or Engine Operator Grade 3 Certificate.

Incentive Arrangement

  1. If requested by MD, an applicant shall provide the proof of being continuously employed by their existing employer on the 5th and 11th month under the Scheme. Failing which, the incentive being provided to the applicant will be suspended. Application Procedures

Application Procedures for Monthly Incentive

  1. Applicants should submit their applications within four months after being employed by a local shipping company and completion of the approved training course, whichever is the latest. Late application will not be accepted.
  2. Applicants should submit their Application Form in person during office hours to the River Trade and Local Examination Section, Marine Department at Room 303, 3/F., Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong.
  3. Applicants should complete sections I to VII of the Application Form, sign the form and attach the documents stipulated in paragraph 13 below. Application forms of applicants below the age of 18 must be signed by their parents or guardians. Applications will not be accepted if applicants fail to provide all the required information.
  4. In submitting the application form, applicants should attach a copy of each of the following:
    1. Hong Kong Identity Card;
    2. Employment Contract of the employment as a full-time deck/engine room rating in a local shipping company on/after 11 January 2014;
    3. Documentary proof of completion of approved training course;
    4. Business Registration Document of the employing local shipping company; and
    5. The first page of the bank passbook or monthly bank statement with the applicant's name, bank's name or code and account number (name of the account holder must be the same as the name on the Hong Kong Identity Card).

Applicants should also produce the original of items (a) to (c) for on-site verification by the staff of MD.

  1. MD may request the applicants to explain the information submitted and to provide supplementary information for processing the applications.
  2. All documents submitted, including the application form and copies of the supporting documents, shall not be returned. Applicants are advised to retain copies for their own reference.


  1. For enquiries, please contact the River Trade and Local Examination Section, MD (Email:, Tel.: 2852 3069).