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Amendments on substances causing marine pollution casualties
The Government will shortly table in the Legislative Council an Amendment Order to amend the Merchant Shipping (Prevention and Control of Pollution) (Specification of Substances) Order (Cap. 413F). The Amendment Order was published in the Gazette today (June 25).

A Marine Department spokesman said: "The Amendment Order will bring the subsidiary legislation into line with internationally agreed standards by specifying a new list of "substances other than oil" in Cap. 413F. The Director of Marine will give directions to reduce pollution when a marine casualty is caused by such substances."

The Merchant Shipping (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation, Cap. 413F, implement the International Convention Relating to Intervention on the High Seas in Cases of Oil Pollution Casualties, 1969 and its Protocol in Hong Kong. The Convention and its Protocol were developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They allow contracting parties to take necessary measures when threatened by grave and imminent risk of pollution caused by either oil or other substances.

The IMO amends the list of "substances other than oil" from time to time to reflect technical advancements and new chemicals regulated by the Convention and the Protocol. The Amendment Order will incorporate IMO's latest amendments relating to the list of "substances other than oil" into domestic legislation.

Ends/Friday, June 25, 2004