Hong Kong Shipping Directory Submission Form

As a tribute to the shipping industry which has contributed tremendously to the port's prosperity, we are compiling a Hong Kong Shipping Directory on our homepage to show the world the players who are making the Port of Hong Kong a brilliant success .

(Note 1 : Applying company must put down in writing the following compliance statement in its application. "We confirm, for and on behalf of the submitting company, that we do not misrepresent ourselves in any way under the laws of Hong Kong by choosing to be published under the Shipping Directory categories chosen by us")

The H K Shipping Directory is maintained by the Marine Department as a public service and no charge will be incurred to either the companies listed in the directory or the directory's users. However, we do ask you to return your favour by giving us one, or more if you like, suggestion on how we can improve our services.

The Shipping Directory will be updated regularly and we reserve the editorial rights to decide on what should be displayed in the directory. You are therefore advised to place our home page on your browser's bookmark so that you can check our accuracy in posting your company's information or inform us of any amendments in the future.



[To update or amend your information, please send us an e-mail to webmaster@mardep.gov.hk]

[Personal Information Collection Statement:
The information you provide is required for our processing and enabling us to provide the service under this web page. Should you be not able to provide the information, we will not be able to process further. Any such incomplete information will be discarded immediately. For parties who have provided fully the information required, you have the right to request access to and correction of such information held by us. Please send email to the webmaster at webmaster@mardep.gov.hk for your request.]