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Kwai Chung Control Station
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Kwai Chung Control Station

The Kwai Chung Control Station (KCCS) is a sub-station of the VTC which was established in 1999. It aims to enhance marine safety and efficiency of vessel operations in the Kwai Chung Container Terminal Basin and its approaches (KCCS Service Area) (PDF).

Functions of KCCS

To support the VTC in managing vessel traffic in the KCCS service area by:
  • Facilitating the safe movements of VTS participating vessels; and
  • Regulating small size vessels (e.g. local vessels, river trade vessels and tug & tow units, etc) to prevent them from impeding the safe passage of VTS participating vessels.
Operation of KCCS

KCCS (Call Sign: Kwai Chung Control) is a sub-station of the VTC, which operates round the clock throughout the year. It monitors and regulates the traffic movements within the KCCS Service Area, and provides navigational advice to those vessels in close liaison with operators of the Kwai Chung Container Terminal. VHF Channel 74 is designated for the KCCS operation. A fast patrol launch is deployed to regulate small size vessels in the service area.