Private Mooring

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According to section 6 of the Shipping and Port Control Ordinance Cap 313, laying of private mooring in the waters of Hong Kong requires the written permission from the Director of Marine.

To improve the allocation arrangement of Private Mooring spaces ("PM"), the waiting list for all Private Mooring areas has been frozen on 1 January 2021. Thereafter, submission of application of Permission to Lay a Private Mooring will no longer be accepted until further notice. For more information about Private Mooring, please click the following links.

Download Application Forms & Guidance Notes:-

Submission of Application

The completed application form together with the required documents shall be submitted to the following address:

Private Mooring Sub-unit
Central Marine Office
3/F, Harbour Bldg,
38 Pier Rd, Central,
Hong Kong.

Contact Us

Enquiries or applications for laying a private mooring for local vessels, please contact the officer-in-charge of Private Mooring Sub-unit at telephone (852) 2545 0264 or Fax: (852) 2581 9588.