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Public Cargo Working Areas
Public Cargo Working Areas (PCWAs) are seafronts for vessel cargo operations managed by the Cargo Handling Section.

There are six PCWAs locating at various seafronts of the harbour. They are, namely :
  1. Western District PCWA
  2. Chai Wan PCWA
  3. New Yau Ma Tei PCWA
  4. Stonecutters Island PCWA
  5. Rambler Channel PCWA
  6. Tuen Mun PCWA
  Public cargo working areas

Public cargo working areas   PCWAs provide a total of 4852 metres of berthing spaces. PCWA berths are leased by tendering to operators to carry out cargo transfer across seawall, vanning and devanning operations. Operators arrange their own facilities to load and discharge cargo. Government levies viewcharges on vehicles and cargo operation area when they use the PCWAs. The average cargo throughput is about 5.5 million tonnes per annum.


PCWAs have currently berth vacancy (PDF). Tender invitations for the vacant berths will be published in the Government Gazette, in the local press and on the website of Marine Department.