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  >Procedures of Application for Approval of Weighing Equipment for Gross Mass Verification of a Container Carrying Cargo by Method 1
Procedures of Application for approval of Weighing Equipment for Gross Mass Verification of a Container Carrying Cargo by Method 1

The weighing equipment operator in Hong Kong who is interested in obtaining Marine Department’s approval shall submit the required application materials as follows:-

Application Materials Required

  1. Completed application form of weighing equipment approval. The application form can be downloaded here;
  2. Copy of Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate of weighing equipment operator;
  3. Photos of the weighing equipment which will be used for weighing service; and
  4. Calibration proof of weighing equipment from the calibration done not more than 12 months (including tolerance report). The testing weight applied should be gradually increased to 50,000 kg. The proof should be issued by Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical or Marine and Naval Architecture discipline).
  5. Calibration of Weighing Equipment

  1. Calibration of weighing equipment has to be carried out in the presence of Registered Professional Engineer.
  2. Standard or certified weights have to be used in the calibration. Measurement should be taken for comparison at intervals of 2,000 kg till the approved weighing capacity is reached.
  3. When calibration has exceeded half the approved weighing capacity and the calibration result is favourable (weight deviation of all measurements not more than +/- 50 kg), the equipment can be used to prove the weight of any load falls in the calibrated range. Such load can be used as proved weight for using in the remaining calibration.
  4. Any calibration result in doubt, Marine Department has the right to request the calibration to be re-done at requirement specified.


The entire application, approval, result publication and compliance inspection are free of charge.


Please submit the application materials to the following address:

Marine Industrial Safety Section
Marine Department
Room 2315, 23/F, Harbour Building
38 Pier Road, Central
Hong Kong

Any fraudulent or concealed reporting on the information of weighing equipment with intention to obtain approval is an offence. Marine Department will initiate prosecution and revoke the approval once confirmed.

Application Result

The processing time depends on the circumstances of individual applications and the number of applications received at a particular time. If necessary, inspection on the weighing equipment and relevant weighing records will be performed to ensure its normal operation. If the application is successful, the company name of the applicant, address and the details of weighing equipment such as maker, model, serial number, type, etc. will be published in the Marine Department’s webpage for public access.

Maintenance of approval

Annual Calibration

The weighing equipment operator is required to schedule at least one calibration for the approved weighing equipments within 12 months of the previous calibration. The calibration proof shall be issued by Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical or Marine and Naval Architecture discipline). Weighing equipment operator should arrange the calibration to be done promptly on or before the expiry date of the approval. The validity of approval can be found in the list of approved weighing equipment posted in the website of Marine Department. Any weighing beyond the expiry of approval will not be recognized.

Once the calibration is done, weighing equipment operator should inform Marine Department via email (or fax) and the calibration proof (issued by Registered Professional Engineer) is submitted (via email or post) no later than 7 calendar days. Any late calibration or submission could render the withdrawal of approval.

Marine Department must be informed immediately of following:

  1. Discontinuation of service.
  2. Relocation of weighing equipment
    (Re-calibration of weighing equipment after relocation is required.)
  3. Replacement of critical components of weighing equipment (e.g. weight measuring and indication device)
    (Re-application for approval is required.)
  4. Severe damage of weighing equipment
    (Re-calibration of weighing equipment after repair is required.)
  5. Change of weighing equipment operator
    (Re-application for approval is required.)

Report channel:

Fax: 2543 7209