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Cargo Handling

The safety leaflets are in Chinese version only. They are downloadable and obtainable, free of charge, in the Marine Industrial Safety Section.

(The following documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.)

No. Safety Leaflets  
1 Greasing the heaving in wire falls of stern ramp Downloadable (PDF)
2 A workman fell to the bottom of a cargo hold whilst climbing a vertical ladder after sustained finger injury Downloadable (PDF)
3 A workman sustained fatal injury whilst working on top of the driver's cabin of a lorry Downloadable (PDF)
4 Displacement of logs kills Downloadable (PDF)
5 A falling pallet Downloadable (PDF)
6 Fire on board a tanker Downloadable (PDF)
7 Worker died after fallen off from a container Downloadable (PDF)
8 The use of heavy cargo as land anchor in shifting berth is dangerous Downloadable (PDF)
9 Ratchet on manual type winch should be engaged before heaving up anchor Downloadable (PDF)
10 Lighterman lost balance and struck against the bulwark while boarding a tug boat from a hopper barge Downloadable (PDF)
11 A lighter winch operator was hit by a parted cargo runner connected to a grab for unloading granulated rocks Downloadable (PDF)
12 Two riggers fell with suspended scaffold as lifting sling parted Downloadable (PDF)
13 A shipyard worker fell while being transported on an improperly fenced landing platform Downloadable (PDF)
14 No. 1 lighterman fatally injured by a heavy steel strip coil that rolled upon him when the lighter swayed during a mid-stream cargo handling operation. The derrick used was not duly certified Downloadable (PDF)
15 Stacked containers with no securing means collapsed as vessel rolled Downloadable (PDF)
16 Hoisted cargo collapsed and fell due to improper slinging Downloadable (PDF)
17 Testing and Examination of Lifting Appliances Downloadable (PDF)
18 Collapsed derrick boom due to improper operation Downloadable (PDF)
19 Safety measures to be observed by crews of coastal-going vessels working cargoes in Hong Kong Downloadable (PDF)
20 Safety measures to be observed by No. 1 lighterman and works supervisor Downloadable (PDF)
21 The skirt of stevedore's hand glove were caught by a swinging hook, he was lifted up and fell into the bottom of a lighter's cargo hold. Downloadable (PDF)
22 A crew got drowned during the tug boat was being bunkered Downloadable (PDF)
23 While checking the conveyor belt, a worker was injured on his scrotum Downloadable (PDF)
24 Analysis of coaster crew accident in mid-stream cargo handing Downloadable (PDF)
25 A worker got burned by hot cooling water when a PVC cooling hose in the engine's radiator ruptured Downloadable (PDF)
26 Accident analysis on the coaster crew being crushed to death during container handling Downloadable (PDF)
27 A worker's got hurt when a bucket of rubbish fell due to collapse of a hook made from welding electrode Downloadable (PDF)
28 To remind masters and crew members of Mainland river trade vessels of the hazards of sea waves. Downloadable (PDF)
29 Fatal Accident Analysis and Preventive Measures for Mainland Ship-crew engaging Mid-stream Cargo Handling Operation in the Waters of Hong Kong Downloadable (PDF)
30 Cargo Handling Accidents due to Inclement Sea Downloadable (PDF)
31 Three Accidents in Mid-stream Operation Downloadable (PDF)
32 Fatal Accident due to the Failure of a Slewing Wire of a Derrick Crane Downloadable (PDF)
33 Safety Training Requirements for the Mainland Ship-crew engaging Cargo Operation in the Waters of Hong Kong Downloadable (PDF)
34 Safety Training Requirements for Mainland Ship-crew engaging in Cargo Operation in the Waters of Hong Kong (Supplement information) Downloadable (PDF)
35 Safe Workplaces Downloadable (PDF)