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Cargo Handling
The following Safety pamphets are in Chinese version only. You can download from our website or obtain free copies in the Marine Industrial Safety Section.

(The following documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.)
No. Pamphet Titles  
1 A toppled container Downloadable (PDF)
2 The dangerous winch warping drum Downloadable (PDF)
3 Beware of grab Downloadable (PDF)
4 Death spot in container handling Downloadable (PDF)
5 Aloft working is hazardous Downloadable (PDF)
6 Safety on loading & discharging of logs Downloadable (PDF)
7 A boy was strangled to death by a rope on a warping drum on board a fishing vessel Downloadable (PDF)
8 A CO2 bottle weighing tragedy Downloadable (PDF)
9 The unsupported side of a stack of cargo collapsed Downloadable (PDF)
10 A crew lost his life after entering a fire affected confined space with a breathing apparatus Downloadable (PDF)
11 A broken guide rope Downloadable (PDF)
12 The cost of using internal combustion engine in confined space Downloadable (PDF)
13 It is of paramount importance to ensure that cargo gear of a derrick would not hit any person on the deck during the slewing of a derrick Downloadable (PDF)
14 A swinging cargo tragedy Downloadable (PDF)
15 Steel sheet coils move easily. They should be properly secured Downloadable (PDF)
16 The master and crew of a coaster were pushing a slung container to position. The container swung and fatally injured the master of the vessel Downloadable (PDF)
17 A stevedore fell off from a lorry platform after being hit by a moving sling of cargo Downloadable (PDF)
18 Confined space is hazardous Downloadable (PDF)
19 A stevedore fell off the roof of a container when he was giving hand signals and was moving up together with the container at the same time Downloadable (PDF)
20 A welder was electrocuted and drowned Downloadable (PDF)
21 Collapse of cargo derrick due to the fatigue failure of gooseneck pin Downloadable (PDF)
22 A worker fell together with unsecured hatchboards into the hold bottom of a lighter Downloadable (PDF)
23 A hull maintenance worker was shot by a high pressure water jet and sustained eye injury Downloadable (PDF)
24 Never use oxygen gas for engine starting Downloadable (PDF)
25 A shipyard rigger fell from height while he was dismantling staging boards Downloadable (PDF)
26 The tragic account of a seaman handicapped in handling heavy and bulky loads in a small ship's hold Downloadable (PDF)
27 A 2-tonne safe toppled under hook killing a stevedore worker on a coaster at berth Downloadable (PDF)
28 A stevedore worker was pressed to his instant death by the folding hatch cover homing to its docking space Downloadable (PDF)
29 Three stevedore workers inhaled toxic gases while clearing toppled dangerous goods containers in a ship's hold Downloadable (PDF)
30 A mechanic fell to his death while working on the turntable of a deck crane aboard a foreign going ship Downloadable (PDF)
31 A stevedore entangled by the slings unhooked from the corners of a container on a ship, swung overboard and dropped dead Downloadable (PDF)
32 A signalman working on top of a container was crushed to death by an incoming container in mid-stream operation Downloadable (PDF)
33 The steel plate fixture holding the mast head swivel on mast top was fractured. The derrick boom fell and bent as it struck on the deckhouse Downloadable (PDF)
34 Three workers were injured as explosion occurred on board a fishing vessel under repair at Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter Downloadable (PDF)
35 A signalman while performing duty other than giving hand signals was crushed to death by a lowering container Downloadable (PDF)
36 A painter was crushed to death by a travelling crane while working on board a floating dock Downloadable (PDF)
37 A workman was crushed to death inside the mixer of a batching plant fitted on board a dumb steel lighter Downloadable (PDF)
38 A false step on cargo stacks cost a lighterman his life. As the worker moved towards a hatch ladder standing on metal coils in a cargo hold, he slipped and fell to his death. Downloadable (PDF)
39 A stevedore was fatally hit by a falling object resulted from the crash of derrick booms of two lighters engaged in container handling operation in mid-stream. Downloadable (PDF)
40 A slinger was nearly killed by a lowering container while he was adjusting the stacking cones inside the cargo hold. Downloadable (PDF)
41 A container was to be shifted onto another one because of insisting on lifting two containers in one sheaf. It caused the accident when shifting the container. Downloadable (PDF)