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The Latest Marine Industrial Safety Alert

Marine Industrial Safety
Marine Industrial Safety

The purpose of this Safety Alert is to alert masters of vessels / owners / persons in charge of works etc. about the occurrences of serious or fatal work injuries and the need to take relevant measures to prevent recurrence. You may access to the relevant Safety Alert by clicking on the individual items in the table below:

(The following documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

Date Safety Alert  
Mar 2020 A lighterman was struck to death by the fallen derrick crane hoisting pulley assembly Download (PDF)
Oct 2019 A worker was struck by lifted cargo and fell from height Download (PDF)
Sep 2019 A worker slipped and fell overboard Download (PDF)
Apr 2019 A crew sustained fatal injury after falling into cargo hold and being carried to shore by conveyor belt Download (PDF)
Oct 2018 A Fatal Accident of an Industrial Diver Download (PDF)
Nov 2017 A crewmember was struck by sling hooks and fell from height Download (PDF)
Sep 2017 A Container Slinger Fell from Height onto a Cargo Hold Bottom Download (PDF)


This Safety Alert ("the Alert") is issued at the earliest possible opportunity after a serious accident with a view to drawing the attention of interested parties to the general safety precautionary measures necessary to protect people engaging in similar work activities. The material contained in the Alert constitutes general guidance only. It does not reduce, limit, or replace, any legal obligations upon any person to comply with any statutory duties under relevant legislation. Users such as masters of vessels / owners / persons in charge of works and supervisors should make their own evaluation of the information contained in the Alert to determine if it can be applied to their own situations and practices. The Marine Department does NOT accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or failure to use of the information on the Alert.