Marine Accident Investigation (Marine Department Notices)

Marine Industrial SafetyMarine Industrial Safety

The following Marine Department Notices can be downloaded under the column "MDN Ref No.".

(The following documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

Marine Department Notices MDN Ref No.
Electrical fire on board a fishing vessel 101 of 2013 (PDF)
Fatigue at work affecting safe navigation 83 of 2013 (PDF)
Notice to Mariners / Coxswains and Operators of Vessels 133 of 2012 (PDF)
Fire safety on board vessel during repair 123 of 2012 (PDF)
Cautions to be exercised while navigating in the area near the Adamasta Rock 74 of 2012 (PDF)
Navigation Safety in the Fairway Junction Area near Central Buoy 66 of 2012 (PDF)
Notice to Coxswains and Operators of Vessels 140 of 2011 (PDF)
Notice to Masters and Persons-in-charge of Vessels 94 of 2011 (PDF)
Safety in connecting portable electrical equipment on board 77 of 2011 (PDF)
Safe Mooring Operation 187 of 2010 (PDF)
Safe Mooring Operation 75 of 2010 (PDF)
Safety in Electrical Work 18 of 2010 (PDF)
Safety Precautions for Diving Activities 37 of 2009 (PDF)
Safe Working Practices for Fishing Vessels in Pair Trawling Operation 90 of 2008 (PDF)