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Survey requirements and list of Class IV vessels issued with Certificate of Inspection
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1. Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Ordinance, Cap.548 and its subsidiary legislations has been in force on 2 January 2007. All Class IV vessels under any of the following categories shall have plans approved, and shall be surveyed by the officer of Marine Department for issuing with a Certificate of Survey:
  • licensed to carry more than 60 passengers, or;
  • of more than 150 gross tonnage, or;
  • of novel construction.
2. A Class IV vessel is let for hire or reward but does not fall into the categories specified in para.1 shall have plans approved, and shall be surveyed by authorized surveyors/authorized organizations for issuing a Certificate of Inspection. 3. For technical requirements of survey, please refer to our Code of Practice for Safety Standards for Class IV Vessels. (PDF)

4. For a Class IV vessel exclusively for pleasure purpose and is not let for hire or reward, and is not of the categories specified in para. 1 above, the hull, machinery and electrical installations should refer to the standards in Chapter III-B of the above Code of Practice but is not required approval of plan, survey and issuance of Certificate of Survey or Certificate of Inspection.

5. Should owners and operators of pleasure vessels have any queries, please obtain information from any District Marine Office or contact Local Vessel Safety Section at telephone no. 2852 4444.