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Local Vessels Safety Section (LVS) provides following services - <Brief and Updates>
  • Provision of services to owners of licensed vessels on the certification for the compliance of safety and environmental protection requirements as required by law, including Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Ordinance, Cap 548 and its subsidiary legislations, for carrying out plan approval of new constructions, initial and periodic surveys etc. for the issuance of relevant certificates to these vessels
  • Promulgation of safety standards, practices and guidance for local vessels
  • Investigation on reported ferries and launches incidents with a view to suggest remedial measures
  • Provision of consultancy and valuation services to other Government Departments relating to local vessels
  • Promotion of local vessels safety including the issuance of safety guides, leaflets and posters etc.
  • Review and up-dating of relevant local legislations and safety standards , practices on local vessels safety
Service Information and Publications

Some documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please downloadAdobe Acrobat Reader and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. Licensing and Crew Certification attended by LPF or CRT

Common Lifejacket for Local Vessels

Information on Sales Companies and Manufacturers of the Common Lifejacket Accepted by the Marine Department (PDF)

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