Crane Height/ Boom Length Restrictions for Use of Waterways of the Height Restricted Area of Kap Shui Mun Bridge

Local vessels with crane height/derrick boom length of 35 meters or more are prohibited from entering, navigating or remaining in the height restricted area of the Kap Shui Mun Bridge specified in Section 19(2) of the Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) (General) Regulation, Cap. 548F, and paragraph 14(b) of the Fifth Schedule to the Shipping and Port Control Regulations, Cap. 313A.

2. For the purpose of indicating that the crane/derrick boom of a vessel is 35 meters or more, the owner of the vessel shall ensure a 6 meters size of alternate red and white strips be marked and painted at the crane/derrick boom head of the vessel. Detail of this marking system is outlined in the viewAnnex.