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Hong Kong Shipping Register User's Handbook
Extract of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (Chapter V Section 3 : Shipping)


The User's Handbook was first updated in April 1999, as a result of the introduction of a series of enhancement measures to make the Hong Kong Shipping Register more competitive and user-friendly. Since then, the User's Handbook has been updated several times in order to reflect the latest changes made to the ship registration procedures and the requirements of Hong Kong registered ships.

As an on-going updating process, this User's Handbook (2006 Edition) contains more comprehensive information including the latest Annual Tonnage Charge (ATC) Reduction Scheme for Hong Kong registered ships effected from 1 February 2006.


viewSection 1- General
viewSection 2 - Full Registration
viewSection 3 - Provisional Registration
viewSection 4 - Demise Charter (Bare Boat Charter) Registration
viewSection 5 - Registration of Mortgages
viewSection 6 - Changes of Ownership
viewSection 7 - Close of Registration
viewSection 8 - Quality Assurance
viewSection 9 - Minimum Safe Manning, Certification and Radio Operation
viewSection 10 - Seafarers working on board Hong Kong registered ships and related mercantile business
viewSection 11 - Fees
viewAppendix 1 - Registry fees
viewAppendix 2 - Miscellaneous registry fees
Appendix 3 - Useful Directory
viewAppendix 4 - List of address, telephone, fax number and e-mail of overseas Economic and Trade Offices