Outstanding Performance in Port State Control Awards

Hong Kong registered ships trade worldwide.   Every year Hong Kong ships receive Port State Control (PSC) inspections in different ports. Results of these PSC inspections provide good source of feedback for performance improvement.

Ships with good PSC performance demonstrate that they are safely managed.   It pays off with less accidents, reduced down time and lower running cost in the long term.   To the Hong Kong Shipping Registry, good ship performance strengthen the reputation of Hong Kong as a quality flag.   Owners and managers of Hong Kong ships as a whole is also benefited.

The company of a ship plays a crucial role in her PSC performance.   Persistent outstanding performance of a company‚Äôs fleet is a clear demonstration of their continuous effort in maintaining the fleet quality and implementing management system.   The Marine Department recognizes these companies and has been presenting the Outstanding Performance in PSC Awards to the good performers every year since 2008.

All the available PSC inspection records in the previous year from the United State Coast Guard - Port State Control Inspection (USCG PSCI) and the world major port State Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) (i.e., Tokyo MoU, Paris MoU, Indian Ocean MoU, Black Sea MoU, Vina del Mar Agreement, Mediterranean MoU, Riyadh MoU, Caribbean MoU and Abuja MoU) are collected for assessment with scoring system.

Only companies with the best scores are selected for the awards

Congratulations to the award winners for the year 2019:

2019 Outstanding Performance in Port State Control Awards Winners