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Outstanding Performance in Port State Control Awards

Entrepreneurs manage companies. It comes as no surprise to anyone that different ship management companies may have different management style and philosophy. The performance of these companies therefore, varies in different aspects of their businesses. As a flag administration, Hong Kong is concerned over the reputation of the flag State and the performance of ship management companies with ships registered in the Hong Kong Shipping Register has a direct impact to the reputation. Such performance can be best assessed by collecting the inspection records of the Port State Control inspection regimes in the world and analyzing them. These records are clear indicators of the capabilities of ship management companies in making their ships conforming to international standards.

To encourage ship management companies to do better and to show our appreciations to these companies in up keeping the reputation of the Hong Kong flag, the Marine Department started to present the top five ship management companies in Port State Control with awards in 2008. The top five shipmanagement companies with outstanding performance in Port State Control for this year are presented with award at the Marine Department and Hong Kong Shipowners Association annual joint lunch each year.

"Selection Criteria"

All the available Port State Control Inspection records including the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding(Tokyo MOU), Paris Memorandum of Understand (Paris MOU), Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding (Indian Ocean MOU), Black Sea Memorandum of Understanding (Black Sea MOU) and United State Coast Guard - Port State Control Inspection (USCG PSCI) are considered in the assessment for the awards. Except USCG PSCI records which are only available for two years, all available Port State Control Inspection records from the other MOUs are collected from the various MOUs’ data center for the past two calendar years.

The assessment for selecting the ship management companies for the award is based on the three criteria as follow :

1. Each deficiency found in port state control inspections will score one point while each detainable deficiency will score 5 points;

2. If the average score per port state control inspection of all the Hong Kong registered ships managed by a ship management company that is less than or equal to the average score per port state control inspection for the whole of the Hong Kong fleet, that company is selected for further assessment; and

3. The top five ship management companies with the most number of post State control inspections with zero deficiency are then selected for the awards.

Note : The assessment covers inspection records for all Hong Kong registered ships.

The award winners for the year are :

2016 Outstanding Performance in Port State Control Awards Winners (PDF)