Pre-Arrival Notification to be Provided by a Convention Vessel

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Information to be Provided to the Director of Marine before the Entry of a Vessel

  1. Name of vessel
  2. Call sign of vessel
  3. National colours
  4. Type of vessel
  5. Gross Tonnage of vessel
  6. Length overall of vessel in metres
  7. Number of crew including master
  8. Purpose of call in Hong Kong
  9. Estimated maximum draught of vessel in metres on arrival
  10. (a) Any defects affecting the maneuverability or seaworthiness of the vessel(b) Any special condition of the vessel
  11. Quantities and categories of dangerous goods on board including radioactive materials (insert 'none' if applicable)
  12. (a) Name of agent of vessel in Hong Kong (indicate whether an agent is to be appointed or whether the master is to act as agent, insert 'none' if no agent appointed)(b) Name of master of vessel
  13. Where a pilot is required, the intended pilot boarding station
  14. Estimated time of arrival at intended pilot boarding station (YY/MM/DD/hh/mm)
  15. Last port of call (state name of port and country or territory)
  16. Height to highest point of vessel in metres above waterline on arrival
  17. Any other relevant information (if applicable)

(Please refer to the Pre-Arrival Notification of a Convention vessel viewFORM (PDF) for detail)