>Marine Department Training Centre
Marine Department Training Centre

Various courses are conducted for participation of departmental officers as well as staff of other government departments. Presently, the following courses are being provided :

Course Title Duration
1. Marine Inspector Training Course - Part A 30 days
2. Marine Inspector Training Course - Part B 50 days
3. Marine Inspector I Enhancement Course 25 days
4. Vessel Traffic Services Operator Course (IALA V-103/1) 63 days
5. Vessel Traffic Services Supervisor Course (IALA V-103/2) 3 days
6 Vessel Traffic Services (On-the-Job Training) Course (IALA V-103/3) 30 days
7. Vessel Traffic Services (On-the-Job Training) Instructor Course (IALA V-103/4) 5 days
8. Vessel Traffic Services Refreshment Course 2 days
9. GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate Course 18 days
10. GMDSS Restricted Operator’s Certificate Course 5 days
11. Electronic Chart Display and Information System Basic Course 1 day
12. Oil Pollution Course for Civil Aid Services 2 days
13. Oil Pollution Course for LCSD, FEHD and AFCD 1 day
14. ARPA and High Speed Craft Radar Course for Hong Kong Waters 3 days
15. Radar Operator for Hong Kong Waters Certificate Course 7 days
16. IAMSAR Maritime Search and Rescue Course 5 days
17. On Scene Co-ordinator Course 4 days
18. Basic Boat Handling Skills Course 5 days
19. GMDSS Restricted Certificate of Competency in Radiotelephony (Short Range) Course for Non-SOLAS Vessels 4 days
20. Local Craft Simulation Course 4 days