Uncertified Transcript of Register available 24/7 via eBS

Hong Kong Shipping Registry (HKSR) has introduced the “e-Transcript” services. With the “e-Transcript” services, HKSR client can make application for and obtain transcript through internet 24 hours round the clock and 365 days round the year.

Registered user can lodge application for uncertified transcript and obtain the “eTranscript” product together with the demand note (for payment) through email and eBS application webpage. For details of the eBS and the “e-Trancript” services, please visit the eBS website at “http://ebs.mardep.gov.hk”.

For application as registered user, please download the “eBS2 Registration Form” from the eBS website and send the completed original to the HKSR at 3/F Harbour Bulding, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong.

For enquiry, please contact us on Tel. No.(852) 2852 4387 or Fax. No. (852) 2541 8842 or by email hksr@mardep.gov.hk.