The registration fee for a ship is determined according to its GROSS TONNAGE (GT) as follows:

First Registration Fee (Based on GT)
Gross Tonnage of Ship First Registration Fee (HK$)
500 or below 3,500
over 500 15,000


The annual tonnage charge for a ship is determined according to its NET

not exceeding 1,000 NT - HK$1,500; plus
for the 1,001st to 15,000th NT - HK$3.50 per ton, AND
for the 15,001st NT and upward - HK$3.00 per ton, SUBJECT to a maximum charge of HK$77,500.

Annual Tonnage Fee (Based on NT)
Net Tonnage of Ship Annual Tonnage Fee (HK$)
1,000 or below 1,500
5,000 15,500
10,000 33,000
15,000 50,500
20,000 65,500
24,000 and upwards 77,500


Service Fee (HK$)
Provisional registration of a ship 35% of the fees for full registration (1/12 of annual tonnage charge is also payable for each 1 month period of provisional registration)
Changing from provisional to full registration 75% of the fee for full registration
Registration of a transfer of mortgage, transfer by bill of sale, transmission, mortgage or discharge of mortgage Free of charge
Inspection of a ship’s record in the register $110

Service Fee (HK$)
Copy of or extract from any entry in the register $110
Certification of a copy of or extract from any entry in the register $260
Issue of a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) $260
Issue of replacement Certificate of Registry $260
Issue of certified copy of a Certificate of Deletion $220
Grant of a new Certificate of Registry upon change of any particulars of a ship recorded in the register Free of charge
Services outside office hours

*advance booking in at least one working day is required.
Charged in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Registration) (Fees and Charges) Regulations