Close of Registration

Closure of a Ship’s Registration by Owner

To de-register a ship from the Hong Kong Shipping Register, the registered ship owner should:

(i) Discharge all mortgage(s) registered against the ship (if any);

(ii) Pay all outstanding due/charge(s) (if any);

(iii) Complete the “Notice of Intention to Close a Ship’s Registration by Owner”, (MD 640) ( ) in the manner as stated in the article of association of the company normally under seal and witnessed by the director's signatory. (*The form shall be submitted in original)

(iv) Confirm the date of de-registration by email or fax (or provide us the protocol of Delivery & Acceptance by email or fax)

Upon receiving the above documents, HKSR will confirm the date and time for de-registering the ship with the registered owner (normally by copying the Protocol of Delivery & Acceptable to our office by fax (852) 2541 8842) or email:, and issue the “Certificate of Deletion”.

For more details, please refer to “Ship Registration Guidelines” (