ATC reduction scheme

Annual Tonnage Charge (ATC) Reduction Scheme

To encourage our owners in maintaining high quality ships, the Marine Department has implemented the ATC reduction scheme for Hong Kong registered ships since 1 February, 2006.

Under the ATC reduction scheme, a ship that has been continuously registered in Hong Kong for two years or more and fulfills the following conditions:

(1) Within the past two years, the ship has no detention record under any Port State Control (PSC) regime; and

(2) The full “Specified ATC” has been paid for the previous year,

The registered owner of the ship will be qualified to enjoy a 50% “Specified ATC” reduction for the following year.

For details of the “Specified ATC”, please refer to the webpage on “Fees” or item 1 of Part 3 of the Schedule to the Merchant Shipping (Registration) (Fees and Charges) Regulations (Chapter 415A).


Below is the diagrammatic illustration of the payable ATC in different scenarios for reference.

Example 1: A ship is detained in the 6th year during registered with HKSR

Example 1

Full = Full “Specified ATC”
50% = 50% of “Specified ATC”
“Specified ATC” = ATC as specified in item 1 of Part 3 of Cap. 415A

Example 2: A ship has de-registration/re-registration(/de-reg/re-reg) operation in the 6th year during registered with HKSR and no detention during the whole demonstrated period
(de-reg/re-reg: eg. “Owner Reg – Demise Charter Reg”; “Demise Charter Reg- Owner Reg” and “Demise Charter Reg- Demise Charter Reg” )

Example 2

Please refer to Notes in Example 1.

For enquiries about the “ATC Reduction Scheme”, please email to the Hong Kong Shipping Registry.