London Regional Desk team attended an IMO Sub-Committee meeting at IMO Headquarters as representative of Hong Kong, China

The Regional Desk (London) under the leadership of Marine Adviser / Regional Head (London) is based in the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London and has been strengthened by his two Deputies since November 2019. The team is responsible for supporting the Hong Kong Shipping Registry in Europe.

Based in London, this Regional Desk:

  • Promote the Hong Kong Shipping Registry
  • Provide services related to ship registration
  • Render technical support to ship operators of Hong Kong registered ships in Europe
  • Liaise with local maritime authorities and recognized organisations in the region

The Marine Adviser / Regional Head (London) is also Hong Kong's Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO). He and his team attend every IMO meeting to keep abreast of the latest development in maritime conventions and amendments. This Regional Desk serves as a bridge between Hong Kong Marine Department and the Organization in sharing the latest updates on policies. The team will continue to take an active role in the IMO's policy formulation and ensure the voice from Hong Kong is heard in the Organization.

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