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Notes to Accompany Applications for Sea Trial and Dead Ship
Specific permits are required for vessels to operate under special conditions in Hong Kong waters.
    If a vessel is to undergo sea trials, an application must be made to the Central Marine Office for a permit for this activity. (download application) (PDF format document).


    1. Definition

      The term "Dead Ship" includes a vessel which is unable to proceed under its own power, or to manoeuvre with its own steering gear or to work its own anchors or has any part of the hull structure removed, or under repair which may affect the watertight integrity of the ship.

      A deadship which is due to arrive in Hong Kong waters must apply for and obtain a deadship permit prior to her arrival. A vessel which is within the precincts of a dockyard is not required to be in possession of this permit but she must obtain one before leaving such precincts.

      Very often a vessel in port may wish to shut down its machinery to carry out maintenance and/or repairs. A "Dead Ship" permit must be obtained before this is done unless the vessel is within the precincts of a dockyard.

    2. Application Procedure

      Agent should send request to the Central Marine Office by completing the application form. (download application)(PDF format document).

      Agent should note that no cutting or hot work shall take place on board a dead ship unless a valid "Repair Permit" has been obtained from the Marine Industrial Safety Section of the Marine Department.