Notes to Accompany General Declaration Form MD 508 & MD 510 (OSC/E&C/3)

Note 1

  1. All entries 1-22 should be completed as appropriate, or crossed out if inapplicable. Do not leave any entry blank.
  2. The departure time will be confirmed by the Vessel Traffic Centre only after the vessel has left Hong Kong waters.

Note 2

Enter both description and code as appropriate

Ship Type Code
Conventional cargo 11
Passenger (carrying more than 12 passenger)-Schedule 21
Passenger (carrying more than 12 passenger)-Cruising 22
Passenger and cargo ship 23
Pleasure craft/yacht 24
Semi-container 31
Container (Fully cellular) 32
Barge Carrier (LASH/SEABEE) 41
Roll on/Roll off 51
Oil tanker 61
Gas carrier/tanker 62
Chemical carrier/tanker 63
Other fluid product carrier (to specify) 69
Dry bulk carrier 71
OBO carrier 72
Log/Timber carrier 73
Other cargo ship (to specify) 79
Lighter/Barge/Junk 81
Fishing/Fish processing vessel 82
Tug 83
Other (to specify) 99

Note 3

Enter both description and code as appropriate

Type of Shipping Service Code
Conference liner 1
Non-conference liner 2
Tramp 3
Other (to specify) 9

Note 4

More than ONE reasons for call can be quoted where applicable.
Enter codes as shown below as appropriate:

Reason for Call Code
Loading cargo 11
Discharging cargo 12
Loading and discharging cargo 13
Routine dry docking 21
Emergency repairs and/or non-routine dry docking 22
Taking stores (except bunkers) 31
Bunkers - Specify quantities (ton) of Fuel Oil/Diesel Oil 32
Change of personnel (crew, refugees) 41
Switch documents 51
Participate in racing event 52
Pleasure 53
Tour (Cruise) 54
Other (to specify) 99

Note 5

Enter both the appropriate brief description and the code as follows, according to the majority of the type of cargo discharged or loaded :

Brief description of cargo Code
Timber and log in bulk 1
Coal in bulk 2
Iron and steel in bulk 3
Cement and cement clinker in bulk 4
Other dry bulk 5
Petroleum products and fuels 6
Other liquid bulk 7
Dry general goods 8
Refrigerated cargo 9
Other cargo 0
Not applicable (No cargo discharged or loaded in Hong Kong) 99

Note 6

Dangerous goods manifest must be submitted to the Director of Marine not less than 48 hours before arrival.

(See Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulations, Cap. 295 Part II Reg. (4))

Note 7

Data should follow those in the manifests as far as possible. Cargo weight should be in metric tons (tonnes).

Note 8

Data should be compatible with those in the manifests as far as possible. Cargo weight should be in metric tons (tonnes).

Note 9

  1. Arrival : indicate the specific location(s), within Hong Kong waters, where the vessel is or is expected to berth or anchor, after completing quarantine and imigration procedures.
  2. Departure : indicate the specific last location, within Hong Kong waters, where the vessel is or will be berthing/anchoring, prior to leaving Hong Kong.

Note 10

Enter the specific main berths, anchorage, cargo handling location and terminal, e.g. Kwaichung Container Berth No.1 (Terminal 1), Government Mooring Buoy A17, Government Mooring Buoy B03, Tuen Mun Public Cargo Working Area, Yau Ma Tei Anchorage, Yuen Fat Wharf/Cheung Sha Wan, China Marchant Tsing Yi (Former Euroasia), Shell Oil Terminal W Tsing Yi, China Light & Power Tap Shek Kok, China Cement Tap Shek Kok, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, etc.