Flag State Quality Control System

1. To discharge the obligations under the international maritime conventions, the Marine Department has implemented the Flag State Quality Control (FSQC) system to monitor and upkeep the quality of Hong Kong registered cargo ships. The FSQC system consists the following features :-

Quality Assessment

2. The quality of ships can be reflected through a combination of factors such as:

Evaluation of the above quality factors including ship's pervious year records of ports of calls will be carried out to select ships for FSQC Audit. The selection will include a small number of ships chosen by random.

FSQC Audit

3. Noting the nature of the PSC deficiencies recorded, they are considered largely caused by lack of systematic maintenance where the root causes vary from manager to manager. The FSQC Audit serves to verify not only the general condition of the shortlisted ships but also the implementation of systematic maintenance on board. Should the audit reveals issues with the maintenance system, MD will work with the ship management company to identify the root causes of quality deterioration of the ship so that appropriate solutions can be formulate and implemented to improve the ship's quality.

4. If the ship's condition is considered deteriorated beyond reasonable quality, an Extended Inspection shall be carried out by the RO of the ship.

5. In the case a Hong Kong registered ship is under PSC detention, an Extended Inspection to be carried out by the RO of the ship may be requested by MD. Thereafter a FSQC Audit will be followed.

Monitoring the Performance of ROs

6. Nine ROs have been authorized to carry out surveys and certification for Hong Kong registered cargo ships. MD will continuously monitor the performance of ROs through FSQC Audits, participation in DOC audits and/or SMC audits, evaluation of RO's responsibility for the detention of Hong Kong registered ships under port State control, etc. The report of ROs' performance is published annually on the website of this Department.

Pre-Registration Quality Control System

7. The Pre-Registration Quality Control (PRQC) System ensures ships joining the Hong Kong Shipping Register are of good quality. MD will, on receiving a ship registration application, carry out a desk top evaluation of the quality level of the ship taking into account various quality factors including but not limited to the ship age, ship type, number of PSC detention, number of PSC deficiencies, existing flag, existing classification society, the ship's survey records and accident records to consider if the ship warrants an onboard PRQC Assessment, an onboard inspection to be carried out by one of the classification societies recognized by MD as RO.

8. The assessment results will be evaluated by MD for the decision on accepting the ship into the Register.

Information and Enquiries

9. Details of FSQC and PRQC system can be found in the Hong Kong Merchant Shipping Information Note 7/2020, its annex 1 and annex 2.

10. Further enquiries on FSQC and PRQC matters can be addressed to Senior Surveyor/Quality Assurance via email, fax or by telephone.

E-mail : ss_qa@mardep.gov.hk
Fax : (852) 2545 0556
Tel : (852) 2852 4504