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Port Operations Committee
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Date of Meeting Agenda (PDF) Papers (PDF) Minutes of Meeting (PDF)
16 May 2018 View Agenda on 16 May 2018 1/2018paper on 16 May 2018
Annexes A to Hpaper on 16 May 2018
2/2018paper on 16 May 2018
4/2018paper on 16 May 2018
To be released
Circulated on 03 May 2018 NA 3/2018
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Circulated on 14 December 2017 NA 8/2017 NA
Circulated on 15 August 2017 NA Joint Consultation 7/2017 NA
Circulated on 13 July 2017 NA 6/2017 NA
Circulated on 27 March 2017 NA 5/2017 NA
Circulated on 17 March 2017 NA 4/2017 NA
Circulated on 8 March 2017 NA 3/2017 NA
24 January 2017 View Agenda on 24 January 2017 1/2017paper on 24 January 2017
2/2017paper on 24 January 2017
View Minutes of Meeting on 24 January 2017
Circulated on 7 September 2016 NA Joint Consultation 7/2016 NA
Circulated on 21 April 2016 NA Joint Consultation 6/2016 NA
3 March 2016 View Agenda on 3 March 2016 1/2016 paper on 3 March 2016
2/2016 paper on 3 March 2016
3/2016 paper on 3 March 2016
4/2016 paper on 3 March 2016
5/2016 paper on 3 March 2016
View Minutes of Meeting on 3 March 2016
14 May 2015 View Agenda on 14 May 2015 - View Minutes of Meeting on 14 May 2015
22 May 2014 View Agenda on 22 May 2014 - View Minutes of Meeting on 22 May 2014
24 October 2013 View Agenda on 24 October 2013 - View Minutes of Meeting on 24 October 2013
23 April 2013 View Agenda on 23 April 2013 - View Minutes of Meeting on 23 April 2013
28 August 2012 View Agenda on 28 August 2012 - View Minutes of Meeting on 28 August 2012
10 February 2012 View Agenda on 10 February 2012 - View


Chairperson Director of Marine
Cross-boundary High Speed Ferry Operators (Represented by Mr. WAN Chi-kwong)
Cruise Terminal Operators (Represented by Mr. LAU Yiu-leung, Michael )
Dockyard and Harbour Tug Operators (Represented by Mr. WU Ka-shun)
Hong Kong and Kowloon Motor Boats and Tug Boats Association (Represented by Mr. CHEUNG Tai-kee)
Hong Kong Cargo Vessel Traders’ Association (Represented by Mr. YIM Hing-yip)
Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association (Represented by Mr. NING Fuk-kei, Franco)
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s Shipping and Transport Committee (Represented by Mr. KUM Wai-kuen, Anacin)
Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association (Represented by Ms. TO Mei-yee, Kimmy)
Hong Kong Mid-Stream Operators Association (Represented by Mr. CHEUNG Sai-wai, Sunny)
Hong Kong Pilots Association (Represented by Mr. LAW Kwun-pan)
Hong Kong Shipowners Association (Represented by Mr. ZHOU Wei)
Hong Kong Shippers’ Council (Represented by Mr. CHAN Wing-leung, Ron)
Oil Industry Representative Committee (Represented by Mr. HO Yiu-fai, Eddie)
Individual Mr. CHEUNG Shun-man, Manson
Individual Dr. YIP Tsz-leung
Transport and Housing Bureau Deputy Secretary for Transport and Housing (Transport)5
Civil Engineering and Development Department Chief Engineer/Port Works
Marine Department Assistant Director of Marine/Port Control
Secretary Marine Officer/Port Security Administration

Terms of Reference

To advise the Director of Marine on all matters affecting the efficient operations of the port of Hong Kong, except those under the purview of the Pilotage Advisory Committee and the Local Vessel Advisory Committee.


Mr. Simon HO, SMO/PSA doubling down MO/PSA (Tel 2852-4429 Fax 2581-1765)