Marine Department Training Centre


Marine Department Training Centre

With an aim to provide professional maritime training to departmental officers, the Marine Department Training Centre was established in December 2000. The Centre is headed by a Senior Marine Officer. All trainers are ex-shipmaster or ex-deck officers with vast experience in the department in various capacities.

From the top level to bottom level:
  1. Senior Marine Officer
  2. Marine Officer (1) and/ or Marine Officer (2)
  3. Marine Controller
  4. Assistant Clerical Officer
  5. Clerial Assistant

Quality Policy

Marine Department Training Centre is dedicated to provide professional training to officers of the Marine Department and to arouse safety awareness of the marine community in accomplishing the Department’s mission:

"We are One in Promoting Excellence in Marine Services"

Quality Objective

The objective of the Marine Department Training Centre is to equip our departmental officers with the necessary knowledge in discharging their duties through the delivery of quality training services. The effectiveness of the transfer of knowledge is gauged by clients’ feedback and assessment, and observation of performance in their workplace.