LVAC Sub-committee on Class IV Vessels

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Date of Meeting Agenda Papers Minutes
26 April 2019 (6th) View (PDF) 1/2019 (PDF)
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(Annex 2)
2/2019 (PDF)
Annex 1
(1. CoP Class IV Chapter III)
(2. CoP Class IV Chapter IV)
(3. CoP Class IV Chapter VI)
(4. CoP Class IV Annex 5)
3/2019 (PDF)
8 November 2018 (5th) View (PDF) 1/2018 (PDF)
2/2018 (PDF)
3/2018 (PDF)
4/2018 (PDF)
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Circulated on 15 December 2017 - To be released -
25 May 2017 (4th) - - View (PDF)
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(Appendix B)
Circulated on 15 April 2016 - 1/2016 (PDF) -
6 July 2015 (3rd) View (PDF) 1/2015 (PDF)
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9 April 2014 (2nd) View (PDF) - -
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9 November 2007 (1st) View (PDF) View -

Membership (1.11.2019-31.10.2021)

Assistant Director / Local Vessels Chairman
Mr. TONG Yui-shing Associations and Organizations Actively Involved in Various Types of Water Sports
Mr. Donald LEE Associations and Organizations Actively Involved in Various Types of Water Sports
Mr. Alan REID Yachting and Boating Clubs
Mr. Alex JOHNSTON Yachting and Boating Clubs
Dr. LAU Kwok-lam, Alan Pleasure Boating Operations
Mr. LI Chi-keung Operator Engaging in Chartering of Class IV Vessels
Mr. CHEUNG Chuen-yau Pleasure Vessel Building and Repairs Industry
Mr. LI Zhi-qiang Authorized Organizations
Mr. YU Kam-cheong Authorized Surveyor
Senior Surveyor / Local Vessels Safety Section Marine Department
Senior Marine Officer / Harbour Patrol Section(1) Marine Department
Senior Marine Officer / Licensing & Port Formalities Marine Department
Representative from LCSD Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD)
Executive Officer (Shipping & Multi-lateral Policy)2 Secretary

Terms of Reference

To discuss any matters related to the management, control, operations, security, surveys, inspections, construction, maintenance, safety standards, environmental protection, the code of practice, etc. pertaining to Class IV vessels, including maritime activities which affect such vessels. If separate discussion is required for any specific issues, the Chairman may decide to set up ad hoc working groups and invite relevant persons to attend the meetings. The results of the discussion of the Subcommittee shall be reported to the Local Vessels Advisory Committee.


Miss Miranda CHAN
Executive Officer (Shipping & Multi-lateral Policy)2, Marine Department
Tel.: (852) 2852 4501         Fax: (852) 2545 0556
29 December 2020