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Fleet Service to Government Departments
Government Fleet
Government Fleet The Government Fleet Division (GFD) (Organisation Chart)(PDF) is responsible for the design, procurement, maintenance, operation and crewing of government vessels. Government launch service is provided in three different ways:
  • Police, Fire Services and Customs & Excise Departments have their own purpose-built vessels, manned and operated by their trained departmental staff
  • Departments like Immigration, Health, Correctional Services, Environmental Protection, Civil Engineering & Development etc, operationally control their own designated vessels but crews are provided and managed by Marine Department (MD)
  • MD supplies from its central pool vessels to other departments upon request to meet marine transport needs or to attend, relief emergency duties

Design and Procurement of New Vessels
Government New Vessel

Government New Vessel
Design and procurement of vessels for the government is the responsibility of the division's Government New Construction (GNC) Section. Usually the request for a new or replacement vessel is initiated by the client department, who has to seek their own funds for such purposes. After going through the necessary approval procedures and depending on the approved project value, the GNC Section will invite tenders either through a notice in the HKSARG Gazette by open tenders or directly invite quotations from the shipyards or suppliers who are known to be capable of meeting the requirements. Contract is awarded by the Central Tender Board or the Marine Department Tender Board based on the amount of the purchase price and GNC Section's recommendations. The GNC Section will then supervise the vessel's construction, testing, trials and acceptance.

Enquiries relating to the procurement of vessels or related tenders should be addressed to Senior Surveyor/GNC (Tel (852) 2307-3407 Fax (852) 2746-0518).

Vessels Operation and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance The GFD manages and maintains the Government Dockyard (GD) which serves as a maintenance base for about 800 operational vessels of different types and sizes. Over 43 mechanized vessels are provided with operational crew by Marine Department. Government launch service can be made available on a regular or ad hoc basis. User departments are advised to book at least 7 days in advance to ensure that the requests can be met. All bookings (confirmed in writing if initially made by telephone) should be addressed to
  • Marine Inspector/Fleet Operation (Tel (852) 2307-3621 Fax (852) 2307-3620) or Fleet Deployment Officer (Tel (852) 2307-3622 Fax (852) 2307-3620) during office hours
  • Vessel Traffic Centre (Tel (852) 2233-7801 Fax (852) 2858-6646) for emergency service outside office hours
Operation and Maintenance

Planned and unplanned Maintenance of government vessels are performed regularly and repairs are carried out as and when necessary, about 90 % of which are performed by private contractors and remaining 10 % by in-house skill staff of GD. Contracts are normally awarded on a one-off basis but some vessels and engines are maintained by term contractors, who have to go through certain application procedures. The Maintenance Section in GD monitors the work done by the contractors and ensures the work is completed in accordance with the job specifications. Contractors are required to observe guidelines, procedures and requirements issued from time to time in the form of circulars by GD management.

Enquiries about vessel maintenance can be made to Senior Surveyor/Maintenance and Support(1)(Tel (852) 2307-3468 Fax (852) 2307-3571) or Senior Surveyor/Maintenance and Support(2)(Tel (852) 2307-3649 Fax (852) 2307-3631).

Procurement of Maintenance Materials for Vessels
Maintenance Materials for Vessels

Procurement of maintenance materials and spare parts for vessels and plants are handled and managed by Support Services Section of GD which provides the technical support on computerized information systems, plant maintenance, docking services, vessel scheduling coordination and seatrial, safety and environmental issues, etc. Quotations or tenders of procurements are issued regularly in GD by facsimile or via electronic means to material suppliers. Suppliers who want to be registered can make the application by completing a prescribed form. Suppliers are required to observe guidelines, procedures and requirements issued from time to time in the form of circulars by GD management. (Circulars Issued to Suppliers)

Please contact the Senior Supplies Officer/Supplies Services Unit at telephone 2307 3529 or facsimile 2307 3526 if there is any enquiry regarding the application procedure.

GFD Industrial Safety & Health
Industrial Safety

The GFD is committed to ensure all its staff and workers at work are in a safe working condition and healthy environment in order to minimize potential hazards and risks. The Industrial Safety Section is responsible for implementing the Safety Management System as recommended by the Factory & Industrial Undertaking (Safety Management) Regulations, and keeps on reviewing and auditing for improvements from time to time. A system on comprehensive accident investigation and reporting procedures with analysis of causes and preventive measures had been set up, which is aimed to avoid the re-occurrences of accidents as far as possible. There are controlling and monitoring systems on the occupational safety and health performance of the contractors to ensure that safe at works' requirements are complied with. Practising safety guides and procedures on high risk activities, and permit-to-work approach are in place for works in the confined spaces, DG stores and hot works etc.

Enquiries about industrial safety of GFD can be made to Industrial Safety Manager (Tel (852) 2307-3610, Fax (852) 2307-3463).

GFD Environmental Report (PDF) (excerpt from Marine Department Environmental Report)

Summary of Government Fleet
(excerpt from Port of Hong Kong Statistical Tables)
2016 year Statistical Table (PDF) 2017 year Statistical Table (PDF) 2018 year Statistical Table (PDF)

Key Performance Measures        
Vessel availability to all users (mechanized vessels)

Major Mechanized vessels in use
New vessels projects undertaken
Users Satisfied with GD's Services (%)
Successful first sea trial after vessel maintenance (%)
Crew Staff time available for deployment (%)

Government Dockyard Leaflet (PDF)