Appointment of Maintenance Services Providers for the Government Dockyard (GD)

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The Maintenance Services Providers of GD are divided into the following groups/categories :

  1. Engine & Tailshaft Group I
  2. Engine & Tailshaft Group II
  3. Machinery and Equipment Repair Group I
  4. Machinery and Equipment Repair Group II
  5. Hull, Deck & Tailshaft Group I
  6. Hull, Deck & Tailshaft Group II
  7. Fuel Injectors & Pump
  8. Inflatable Liferaft
  9. Navigational Equipment
  10. Diving Operations in accordance with C.1, C.2 and/or C.3 of the “Criteria for Appointment as Government Dockyard (GD) Maintenance Services Providers”
  11. Ship Survey & Certification

Maintenance Services Providers who are interested in entering the Suppliers List of GD Maintenance Services Providers may file an application to us, by completing the application form (PDF), together with the required documents.

Before submitting an application, potential Maintenance Services Providers are advised to study carefully the Criteria for Appointment as GD Maintenance Services Providers.

Application should be filed to:

General Manager/Government Dockyard
Government Dockyard
Ngong Shung Road
Stonecutters Island
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong

After receipt of the application, an inspection visit to the shipyard/workshop by officers from GD will be arranged. The purpose of the inspection is to confirm that the applicant satisfies all the basic criteria to be a qualified Maintenance Services Providers for GD. Normally, the applicant will be notified of the result within one month after the completion of the inspection visit.

All Approved GD Maintenance Services Providers are required to observe guidelines, procedures and requirements issued from time to time in the form of circulars by GD management. They are also obliged to comply with the rules / regulations / ordinances applicable to them while delivery the contracted services.

Appointment of Suppliers for the Government Dockyard

Government Dockyard is regularly purchasing parts and stores to support the operation and maintenance of the government fleet. The Government Fleet Information System (GFIS) maintains a list of suppliers registered with the Dockyard. Suppliers in GFIS will be called upon for quotations to supply parts or stores as and when required. Please contact Senior Supplies Officer/Supplies Services Unit, Government Dockyard at telephone 2307 3529 or facsimile 2307 3526 if there is any enquiry regarding the application procedure.