07-OCT-2015 20:20                                                                                                                                               

                                                  Ocean Going Vessels In Port of Hong Kong 

Vessel Name            Ship Type       IMO No      Call Sign   Flag        Actual Arrival Time  Current Location      Agent Name                                
---------------------  --------------  ----------  ----------  ----------  -------------------  --------------------  ------------------------------            
HEUNG A BANGKOK        CONTAINER       9117820     DSEG6       REPUBLIC O  2015/10/01 18:05     JUNKBAY SPECIFIED AN  RICO SHIPPING LIMITED                     
                                                               F KOREA                          CHORAGE FOR NON_TANK                                            
PL XING JI             CONTAINER       9151709     3EXY        PANAMA      2015/10/07 08:46     KELLETT ANCHORAGE NO  BRILLIANT SHIPPING (HONG KONG)            
                                                                                                .2                     LIMITED                                  
PL XING YUAN           CONTAINER       8921664     H3PQ        PANAMA      2015/09/29 09:00     KELLETT ANCHORAGE NO  BRILLIANT SHIPPING (HONG KONG)            
                                                                                                .3                     LIMITED                                  
SEA TIMBER             GENERAL CARGO   9276949     HSB4766     THAILAND    2015/10/06 07:40     KELLETT ANCHORAGE NO  CGW LOGISTICS CO LIMITED                  
CAPE NASSAU            CONTAINER       9401697     9V8435      SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 16:44     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  BEN LINE AGENCIES (HK) LTD                
GRAND ASANO            GENERAL CARGO   9111606     VRFH4       CHINA, HON  2015/10/02 18:32     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  PROSPERITY STEAMSHIP CO LTD               
                                                               G KONG                           E                                                               
HANSE ENERGY           CONTAINER       9363962     V2FM4       ANTIGUA &   2015/10/03 05:17     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  WELLS MARINE AGENCIES                     
                                                               BARBUDA                          E                                                               
KANWAY GLOBAL          CONTAINER       9167461     BLEP        TAIWAN      2015/10/07 02:50     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  KANWAY SHIPPING LIMITED                   
PEGASUS TERA           CONTAINER       9685061     V7CS4       MARSHALL I  2015/10/07 11:45     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  NAMSUNG SHIPPING HONG KONG LIM            
                                                               SLANDS                           E                     ITED                                      
WAN HAI 163            CONTAINER       9158848     S6EN6       SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 02:13     NORTH LAMMA ANCHORAG  HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
CAPE MELVILLE          CONTAINER       9308390     V7IF5       MARSHALL I  2015/10/06 22:51     NORTH-WEST LAMMA ANC  BEN LINE AGENCIES (HK) LTD                
                                                               SLANDS                           HORAGE                                                          
HEUNG A JAKARTA        CONTAINER       9146297     3ERD6       PANAMA      2015/10/06 02:49     NORTH-WEST LAMMA ANC  KONG HING AGENCY LTD                      
MATSUSHIMA BAY         BULK            9536997     HPCY        PANAMA      2015/09/19 09:36     NORTH-WEST LAMMA ANC  INCHCAPE SHIPPING SERVICES (HK            
                                                                                                HORAGE                ) LTD                                     
NEARCHOS               BULK            9172571     A8MI8       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 01:47     NORTH-WEST LAMMA ANC  TINEKEN SHIPPING LIMITED                  
TORM ANHOLT            BULK            9300556     S6AY5       SINGAPORE   2015/09/29 16:48     NORTH-WEST LAMMA ANC  OPTIMIST SHIPPING & ENTERPRISE            
                                                                                                HORAGE                S LTD                                     
ASIA CEMENT NO 6       BULK            9112832     BLEZ        TAIWAN      2015/10/06 21:33     PUN SHAN SHEK ANCHOR  HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
KANG SAN               GENERAL CARGO   9110195     DSOH5       REPUBLIC O  2015/10/06 18:31     PUN SHAN SHEK ANCHOR  NEW ASEAN MARINE CO LTD                   
                                                               F KOREA                          AGE                                                             
TS HONGKONG            CONTAINER       9348493     3EKS9       PANAMA      2015/10/07 10:21     PUN SHAN SHEK ANCHOR  T.S. LINES LIMITED                        
BURGIA                 BULK            9497323     V2FE4       ANTIGUA &   2015/10/07 17:40     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  S5 ASIA LIMITED                           
                                                               BARBUDA                          HORAGE                                                          
CHUN SHING             CONTAINER       9149988     V3UM        BELIZE      2015/09/27 10:14     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  HONGYU SHIPPING (HK) LIMITED              
CHUN YIP               CONTAINER       9161443     T8A2105     REPUBLIC O  2015/09/30 10:55     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  HONGYU SHIPPING (HK) LIMITED              
                                                               F PALAU                          HORAGE                                                          
MARCONNECTICUT         GENERAL CARGO   9343675     V2CO6       ANTIGUA &   2015/10/04 14:17     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  CONICE LIMITED                            
                                                               BARBUDA                          HORAGE                                                          
RUNA                   CONTAINER       9390812     C4MW2       CYPRUS      2015/10/05 21:00     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  LEAGUER SHIPPING LIMITED                  
VEGA LAMBDA            CONTAINER       9358527     A8IH3       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 17:14     SOUTH EAST LAMMA ANC  WELLS MARINE AGENCIES                     
DAVIS SEA              TANKER (CRUDE,  9293155     D5IQ5       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 15:35     SOUTH LAMMA DG ANCHO  GULF AGENCY CO (HK) LTD                   
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           RAGE                                                            
SAPPORO PRINCESS       TANKER (CRUDE,  9439199     SVAX7       GREECE      2015/10/07 13:17     SOUTH LAMMA DG ANCHO  CONICE LIMITED                            
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           RAGE                                                            
TORM CECILIE           TANKER (CRUDE,  9215103     OXTJ2       DENMARK     2015/10/07 16:30     SOUTH LAMMA DG ANCHO  M.T.M.M.(HK) LTD                          
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           RAGE                                                            
BULK PROSPERITY        BULK            9224635     VRFH6       CHINA, HON  2015/10/07 15:54     SOUTH WEST LAMMA ANC  PRIME ASIA LOGISTICS LIMITED              
                                                               G KONG                           HORAGE                                                          
GRAIN PEARL            BULK            9590981     VRLS6       CHINA, HON  2015/07/31 18:21     SOUTH WEST LAMMA ANC  CHINA MERCHANTS SHIPPING AND E            
                                                               G KONG                           HORAGE                NTERPRISES CO LTD                         
JULIA SREY NAK         CONTAINER       9319569     D5JQ8       LIBERIA     2015/10/06 12:03     SOUTH WEST LAMMA ANC  GULF AGENCY CO (HK) LTD                   
ZHEN HUA 27            OTHER           8710182     VREG5       CHINA, HON  2015/10/07 10:26     SOUTH WEST LAMMA ANC  CHINA MERCHANTS SHIPPING AND E            
                                                               G KONG                           HORAGE                NTERPRISES CO LTD                         
YAU TONG BAY           OTHER                       8357        TUVALU      2011/12/28 11:05     VICTORIA HARBOUR UND  EXACT PROFIT LIMITED                      
                                                                                                EFINED ANCHORAGES                                               
XIN ZHOU HAI           GENERAL CARGO   8655722     3FLB6       PANAMA      2015/10/07 18:35     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  RAY GLORY SHIPPING LIMITED                
BALTIC LEOPARD         BULK            9387334     V7PX7       MARSHALL I  2015/10/02 07:25     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  SK SHIPPING LIMITED                       
                                                               SLANDS                           .2                                                              
E.R. HOBART            GENERAL CARGO   9306823     V2BH9       ANTIGUA &   2015/09/25 00:01     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  WELLS MARINE AGENCIES                     
                                                               BARBUDA                          .2                                                              
WAN HAI 505            CONTAINER       9294874     S6AV3       SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 04:05     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
XIN HAI ZHOU 2         GENERAL CARGO   9507104     3FTN5       PANAMA      2015/10/02 16:29     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  EAST HARBOUR NAVIGATION CO LTD            
HONG KAI               BULK            9139995     3FYP6       PANAMA      2015/10/03 13:47     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  PENAVICO (HONG KONG) LIMITED              
NORDIC SUZHOU          BULK            9238325     D5IU4       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 04:30     WESTERN ANCHORAGE NO  SK SHIPPING LIMITED                       
DONG TENG              GENERAL CARGO   8747941     HO5773      PANAMA      2015/10/07 13:16     YAU MA TEI ANCHORAGE  EAST HARBOUR NAVIGATION CO LTD            
WHITE MIYABI           GENERAL CARGO   9347138     3EFH3       PANAMA      2015/10/07 16:53     GOVERNMENT MOORING B  MOL (HK) AGENCY LIMITED                   
                                                                                                UOY A29                                                         
NEW IMPERIAL STAR      PASSENGER       7625794     T8A2034     REPUBLIC O  2015/09/02 07:25     GOVERNMENT MOORING B  OCEAN CREW SERVICING CO LIMITE            
                                                               F PALAU                          UOY A38               D                                         
STARRY METROPOLIS      PASSENGER       7359498     6YRN6       JAMAICA     2015/10/07 08:21     GOVERNMENT MOORING B  CONNING SHIPPING LTD                      
                                                                                                UOY A39                                                         
CHINA STAR             PASSENGER       9008407     C6OP6       BAHAMAS     2015/08/12 09:30     GOVERNMENT MOORING B  CONNING SHIPPING LTD                      
                                                                                                UOY A43                                                         
JOYFUL FORTUNE         GENERAL CARGO   9598775     VRIH7       CHINA, HON  2015/10/07 01:33     GOVERNMENT MOORING B  IGOR SHIPPING AGENCIES LTD                
                                                               G KONG                           UOY B04                                                         
KAPALUA KONTOR         CONTAINER       9395599     V7HV6       MARSHALL I  2015/05/08 13:55     YIU LIAN DOCK NO.1/T  CONICE LIMITED                            
                                                               SLANDS                           SING YI                                                         
METROPOLIS             PASSENGER       7215161     6YRN7       JAMAICA     2015/08/26 14:37     YIU LIAN DOCK NO.1/T  CONNING SHIPPING LTD                      
                                                                                                SING YI                                                         
HZMB WB CB 100 0       OTHER                       8355        TUVALU      2011/11/22 16:30     YIU LIAN DOCK NO.3/T  EXACT PROFIT LIMITED                      
                                                                                                SING YI                                                         
UNI ACTIVE             CONTAINER       9130547     BKNR        TAIWAN      2015/10/06 10:18     YIU LIAN DOCK NO.3/T  EVERGREEN MARINE (HONG KONG) L            
                                                                                                SING YI               TD                                        
MAR ADRIANA            TANKER (CRUDE,  9182796     9HA3035     MALTA       2015/09/25 08:45     YIU LIAN DOCK WHARF   WILHELMSEN SHIPS SERVICE LIMIT            
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           AT TSING YI           ED                                        
OCEAN RICH             GENERAL CARGO   7823815     9LY2335     SIERRA LEO  2015/10/07 10:15     LUK CHAU              CHU KONG AGENCY CO LTD                    
ASIAN SUCCESS          OTHER           7414717     JVPG3       MONGOLIA    2007/04/03 11:49     TSING YI NORTH        UNKNOWN AGENT                             
CS7                    OTHER                       8153        BELIZE      2000/08/24 12:19     TSING YI NORTH        UNIVERSAL DOCKYARD LTD                    
HERCULUS NO.6          OTHER                       V3WH7       BELIZE      1998/11/11 19:03     TSING YI NORTH        UNKNOWN AGENT                             
KOSHINGO NO 1          OTHER                       8311        MONGOLIA    2008/10/10 17:30     TSING YI NORTH        FOREVER AGENCIES LTD                      
NAKARI TIDE            TUG             7404994     JVYM3       MONGOLIA    2008/08/20 11:35     TSING YI NORTH        FOREVER AGENCIES LTD                      
OIL HUSTLER            OTHER           7422269     JVYL3       MONGOLIA    2008/08/20 11:35     TSING YI NORTH        FOREVER AGENCIES LTD                      
SAM WOO NO.53          OTHER                       8239        TUVALU      2004/10/11 12:46     TSING YI NORTH        FOREVER AGENCIES LTD                      
AP CHAU                TUG             9277230     VRYG2       CHINA, HON  2012/06/10 21:03     TSUEN WAN BAY         HONGKONG SALVAGE & TOWAGE                 
                                                               G KONG                                                                                           
SHA CHAU               TUG             9265615     VRYD4       CHINA, HON  2011/08/18 14:14     TSUEN WAN BAY         HONGKONG SALVAGE & TOWAGE                 
                                                               G KONG                                                                                           
WHAMPOA                TUG             9600516     VRIG9       CHINA, HON  2015/09/25 10:54     TSUEN WAN BAY         HONGKONG SALVAGE & TOWAGE                 
                                                               G KONG                                                                                           
HAI ZHUANG BO 38       OTHER                       8349        TUVALU      2011/09/16 14:48     YAM O BAY NORTH LANT  CHINA MERCHANTS SHIPPING AND E            
                                                                                                AU                    NTERPRISES CO LTD                         
BORNEO AQUA NO 2       GENERAL CARGO   7927180     9LY2446     SIERRA LEO  2015/10/05 14:44     KWUN TONG FISH MARKE  ISM SHIPPING AGENT COMPANY                
                                                               NE                               T                                                               
CHIAN CHUN NO.1        FISHING                     BH3448      TAIWAN      2015/10/02 04:15     KWUN TONG FISH MARKE  LOUNG SING FUNG                           
YU FENG NO.66          FISHING                     BJ3519      TAIWAN      2015/10/03 07:41     KWUN TONG FISH MARKE  LOUNG SING FUNG                           
HZMB WB SB 5000 0      OTHER                       8344        TUVALU      2014/09/25 16:00     HEI LING CHAU TYPHOO  TONIC ENGINEERING TECHNICAL LI            
                                                                                                N SHELTER             MITED                                     
YONG XING ZHOU         TANKER (CRUDE,  9295074     BUQK        CHINA       2015/10/02 23:34     CHERVON (EX CALTEX)   M.T.M.M.(HK) LTD                          
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           OIL TERMINAL W TSING                                            
                       B)                                                                        YI                                                             
DEVON BAY              BULK            9622849     3FBE5       PANAMA      2015/10/02 16:39     CHINA CEMENT TAP SHE  GREEN ISLAND SHIPPING AGENCY L            
                                                                                                K KOK                 TD                                        
SEA RISING             BULK            9642526     V7OK8       MARSHALL I  2015/10/06 15:34     CHINA LIGHT & POWER   KT SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED               
                                                               SLANDS                           TAP SHEK KOK                                                    
DP LEGACY              CONTAINER       9349174     5BEW4       CYPRUS      2015/09/21 13:19     CHINA MERCHANT KENNE  WALLEM SHIPPING (HK) LTD                  
                                                                                                DY TOWN                                                         
GLORY SEASON           CONTAINER       8668169     VRNG7       CHINA, HON  2015/10/02 18:04     CHINA MERCHANT TSING  GOLDEN FORTUNE SHIPPING CO LTD            
                                                               G KONG                            YI (FORMER EUROASIA                                            
JACKELINE H            CONTAINER       9433949     V2DV6       ANTIGUA &   2015/10/07 12:33     CHINA MERCHANT TSING  BEN LINE AGENCIES (HK) LTD                
                                                               BARBUDA                           YI (FORMER EUROASIA                                            
PHOENIX OCEAN          BULK            9591997     VRLT2       CHINA, HON  2015/10/05 12:36     HK ELECTRIC CO. LAMM  BEN LINE AGENCIES (HK) LTD                
                                                               G KONG                           A ISLAND PO LO TSUI                                             
SHI DAI 11             BULK            9591727     BPJD        CHINA       2015/10/01 12:00     HK ELECTRIC CO. LAMM  OPTIMIST SHIPPING & ENTERPRISE            
                                                                                                A ISLAND PO LO TSUI   S LTD                                     
CSCL LIMA              CONTAINER       9386005     VREM7       CHINA, HON  2015/10/07 17:41     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER LINES            
                                                               G KONG                           TH NO 10 (TERMINAL7)   (HK) AGENCY CO LTD                       
HANSA LIBERTY          CONTAINER       9217034     DBZS        GERMANY     2015/10/07 04:39     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  CMA CGM (HONG KONG) LIMITED               
                                                                                                TH NO 10 (TERMINAL7)                                            
HELENA SCHULTE         CONTAINER       9263320     V7KU3       MARSHALL I  2015/10/07 17:03     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  CMA CGM (HONG KONG) LIMITED               
                                                               SLANDS                           TH NO 10 (TERMINAL7)                                            
XIN NING BO            CONTAINER       9270464     BPAS        CHINA       2015/10/07 05:29     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER LINES            
                                                                                                TH NO 11 (TERMINAL 8   (HK) AGENCY CO LTD                       
ALM WODONGA            CONTAINER       9302554     5BGY4       CYPRUS      2015/10/07 18:21     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  "K" LINE (HONG KONG) LIMITED              
                                                                                                TH NO 12 (TERMINAL 8                                            
CAPE MAHON             CONTAINER       9348857     C4YB2       CYPRUS      2015/10/07 15:35     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  COSCO CONTAINER LINE AGENCIES             
                                                                                                TH NO 13 (TERMINAL 8  LTD                                       
COSCO VIETNAM          CONTAINER       9448815     VRID5       CHINA, HON  2015/10/07 14:25     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  COSCO CONTAINER LINE AGENCIES             
                                                               G KONG                           TH NO 14 (TERMINAL 8  LTD                                       
WAN HAI 317            CONTAINER       9342712     9VKB6       SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 20:05     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
                                                                                                TH NO 4 (TERMINAL 4)                                            
ENSENADA EXPRESS       CONTAINER       9247546     D5EM2       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 18:06     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  HAPAG-LLOYD (CHINA) LTD                   
                                                                                                TH NO 5 (TERMINAL 5)                                            
WAN HAI 272            CONTAINER       9493262     9V7585      SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 17:09     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
                                                                                                TH NO 6 (TERMINAL 4)                                            
KOTA TEGUH             CONTAINER       9247302     S6NW3       SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 15:18     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES (H            
                                                                                                TH NO 7 (TERMINAL 6)  K) LTD                                    
MOL PARTNER            CONTAINER       9307035     3EBZ5       PANAMA      2015/10/07 13:38     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  MOL (HK) AGENCY LIMITED                   
                                                                                                TH NO 7 (TERMINAL 6)                                            
EVER LUCID             CONTAINER       9629055     BKIY        TAIWAN      2015/10/07 13:59     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  EVERGREEN MARINE (HONG KONG) L            
                                                                                                TH NO 8 (TERMINAL 6)  TD                                        
APL YANGSHAN           CONTAINER       9462031     9V9401      SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 15:04     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  APL CO. PTE LTD                           
                                                                                                TH NO 9 (TERMINAL 7)                                            
PORT KLANG VOYAGER     CONTAINER       9275385     D7BD        REPUBLIC O  2015/10/07 16:02     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  OOCL HONG KONG BRANCH                     
                                                               F KOREA                          TH NO.1 (TERMINAL 1)                                            
COPIAPO                CONTAINER       9687526     D5HE7       LIBERIA     2015/10/06 23:04     KWAICHUNG CONTR. BER  HAPAG-LLOYD (CHINA) LTD                   
                                                                                                TH NO.19 (TERMINAL 9                                            
PETROLIMEX 11          TANKER (CRUDE,  9359636     3WUS        VIETNAM     2015/10/06 11:43     PERMANENT AVIATION F  M.T.M.M.(HK) LTD                          
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                                                           UEL FACILITY, TUEN M                                            
                       B)                                                                       UN                                                              
EVERHARD SCHULTE       CHEMICAL        9439838     9V8182      SINGAPORE   2015/10/06 23:33     SHELL OIL TERMINAL W  GULF AGENCY CO (HK) LTD                   
                                                                                                 TSING YI                                                       
RUN FAR                LIQUIFIED PETR  9140592     3FYH5       PANAMA      2015/10/02 16:15     SINOPEC HK (EX-CRC)   S5 ASIA LIMITED                           
                       OLEUM GAS TANK                                                           OIL TERMINAL TSING Y                                            
                       ER                                                                       I                                                               
RUN XIANG              LIQUIFIED PETR  9523794     3FWA7       PANAMA      2015/10/05 00:25     SINOPEC HK (EX-CRC)   S5 ASIA LIMITED                           
                       OLEUM GAS TANK                                                           OIL TERMINAL TSING Y                                            
                       ER                                                                       I                                                               
CMA CGM LIBRA          CONTAINER       9399193     9HA2021     MALTA       2015/10/06 21:47     HONG KONG WATERS      CMA CGM (HONG KONG) LIMITED               
EVINOS                 CHEMICAL        9667928     SVBR5       GREECE      2015/10/02 00:51     HONG KONG WATERS      VASTON SHIPPING AGENCY LIMITED            
FPMC B 108             BULK            9487706     A8ZM5       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 13:36     HONG KONG WATERS      CHINA SHIPPING (HONG KONG) AGE            
                                                                                                                      NCY CO LTD                                
HONG XING              MULTI-PURPOSE(  9133410     BQIB        CHINA       2015/10/02 10:04     HONG KONG WATERS      PENAVICO (HONG KONG) LIMITED              
                       SEMI CONT.)                                                                                                                              
NORTHERN JUVENILE      CONTAINER       9450349     A8SZ7       LIBERIA     2015/10/07 08:36     HONG KONG WATERS      OCEAN BASE CO LTD                         
ORIENTAL DRAGON        PASSENGER       7125861     3FDZ8       PANAMA      2015/10/07 07:46     HONG KONG WATERS      CONNING SHIPPING LTD                      
PL HAU LAAM            GENERAL CARGO   9107382     3FFR3       PANAMA      2015/09/23 06:33     HONG KONG WATERS      BRILLIANT SHIPPING (HONG KONG)            
REX FORTUNE            PASSENGER       7346934     C6II5       BAHAMAS     2015/10/07 08:46     HONG KONG WATERS      CENTURY CREST LIMITED                     
STAR PISCES            PASSENGER       8710857     C6AV5       BAHAMAS     2015/10/07 07:54     HONG KONG WATERS      STAR CRUISES (HK) LIMITED                 
VALDIVIA               CONTAINER       9333395     V7LJ5       MARSHALL I  2015/10/07 06:46     HONG KONG WATERS      GULF AGENCY CO (HK) LTD                   
WAN HAI 165            CONTAINER       9158850     S6EN7       SINGAPORE   2015/10/07 08:14     HONG KONG WATERS      HYALINE SHIPPING (HK) CO LTD              
ZIM DJIBOUTI           CONTAINER       9398436     A8SI4       LIBERIA     2015/10/06 22:56     HONG KONG WATERS      ZIM INTEGRATED SHIPPING AGENCI            
                                                                                                                      ES (HK) LIMITED                           
PAS 1                  TUG             8854029     T2LW2       TUVALU      2008/12/29 20:00     VARIOUS MINOR SHIPYA  FOREVER AGENCIES LTD                      
                                                                                                RDS/NORTH TSING YI                                              
CSC FRIENDSHIP         TANKER (CRUDE,  9344150     VRDL2       CHINA, HON  2015/10/05 22:46                           M.T.M.M.(HK) LTD                          
                       FUEL,DIESEL,LU                          G KONG                                                                                           
JIN HAI DA 889         GENERAL CARGO   8668913     XUHY2       CAMBODIA    2015/10/07 02:45                           FORTUNE TRADING COMPANY                   
TOYO EAGLE             GENERAL CARGO   9228629     H3LY        PANAMA      2015/10/07 09:04                           SUN LORD CO LTD                           


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